We have a problem

An apple problem!

Today we bought another bushel. Yes another 20lbs of apples.


We had so much fun canning last week that we wanted to do it again! We also recently got a dehydrator and apple chips are ah-mazing!

So what are we going to do this bushel? Definitely make more apple chips, probably make some plain applesauce and going to play around with some dog treats. Plain applesauce is good to have as you can easily incorporate them into many recipes and can easily flavor it up with whatever spices you feel once you open it. Apple butter is sweet, so it’s not always the best option when using for recipes.

We got a variety of three different types of apples:




The apples can from Twin Springs Fruit farmĀ located inĀ Orrtanna, Pennsylvania.

Twin Springs

Luckily for me I have tomorrow off so I can tackle my ‘apple problem’.