Denver Adventure

Last weekend I was in Denver for a work/personal trip. It was a work trip, which I turned into a personal trip. My best friend Felicia lives 2 hours from Denver so I came 2 days early myself her and her awesome husband could get together. If you have never been to Colorado it is a must see!

When I first got there it was gloomy. Kinda bumming since it was beautiful back in DC. O Well!

They certaintly made it up by decorating my room. They missed my birthday by a month, but they still wanted to celebrate. Aren’t they the best!

Very romantic :-)

They got me the dogs a gift. I just had to test it out.

After we settled down we went to a really cool restaurant called The Yard House. It had a massive beer selection which is always wonderful. They only sell beer in half yards now because the large yards caused problems. The waitress said the guys got too drunk and started using the yards as light sabers.

The next day we went to the third largest independent book store in America called the Tattered Cover Book Store.

The book store was in a really old building. It gave it a nice feel. I purchased a book called From Asparagus to Zucchini.

It is a cookbook that lists about 30 different vegetables. For each vegetable listed it gives a brief 2 paragraphs summary about the vegetable, storing tips, cooking tips and 3 – 10 simple recipes. I am so excited to learn different ways to cook my veggies. It was created by several people affiliated with the Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition.

Finally the sun came out and we got to enjoy the wonderful outdoors Colorado has to offer us. We took a short hike in the Red Rocks. Going up the mountain was a huge line of cars because of a concert.

Luckily we found a trail head in the beginning so we did not have to sit in line with a bunch of cars.

It was an awesome laid back hike.

After our wonderful hike we went to dinner at Cholon. We ate at the Chef’s Table which was so fun! We got to see all the chef’s cook our food. It was a delicious meal and highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area. At the end of the meal I ordered a Vietnamese coffee which had to be one of the best coffee’s I have ever had. It is brewed with sweetened condensed milk. It had just the perfect amount of sweetness.

Very sad to have to leave them, but hopefully they will work their way to DC in the near future! Thanks for an awesome trip Felicia and Justin!

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