Market Filled Weekend

What a great weekend! I spent Saturday conducting food demonstrations at the Columbia Heights Farmer’s Market and Sunday (today) working at the Bethesda’s Farmers Market with Bending Bridge Farm. Also the Rangers won :-)

Let’s backtrack to Saturday. Last Summer I volunteered with the market by having a ‘Nutrition Booth’ giving away nutrition information, recipes, etc. This summer I am still volunteering but with food demonstrations! This is more fun because I get to interact with more people and I get to work with food. Let’s face it, people would rather have samples than nutrition information, o silly people :-) Check out the brief description of what I will be doing from the Market’s blog. Can anyone tell I’m in my PJ’s in the picture???

For yesterday’s market I focused on spinach. I had a raw and a cooked spinach recipe. My raw recipe was a strawberry and spinach salad with a lemon and olive oil dressing. My cooked recipe was a  basic spinach saute with garlic scapes and scallions.

Next time I need to take my own pictures. Not that the ones that the market took are not lovely, I just want to display my recipes.

Action shot!

I do not like opening containers.

Ibti and I showing off our veggies!

The cooking demo was success. Several vendors said that my demonstrations helped to increase their shares! That’s the idea baby!

Spinach and strawberry salad

  • 2 cups of raw spinach chopped
  • 1 cup of strawberries sliced

Dressing ingredients

  • 1/4 c olive oil
  • 1/4 c lemon juice
  • pinch of salt
  • several drops of honey mustard

Mix the dressing ingredients in a bowl and add spinach and strawberries. Super simple. Everyone thought it was the greatest thing, little did they know I whipped up this dressing recipe last minute!

A vendor from Whipple Farms asked me to give a quick demo on their awesome green Tatsoi. I sauteed it with just some olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Delicious! Tatsoi is a leafy green that is similar to bok choy.

Let’s fast forward to today (Sunday). I worked with another farmers market (no there is no competition), but this time I was a stocker/cashier. I got this gig from the CSA I belong to. I don’t care what I am doing, if I am in a Farmer’s Market I am having a good time! It also doesn’t hurt that they have a great French Pastry stand right next to Bending Bridge’s Farms Stand. Let’s just say their chocolate croissant was DELICIOUS! Can’t wait to try something new next time. This gig is paid, which is nice because I volunteer often and sometimes it’s nice to get some $$. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures, but they did have this funky Lion’s Mane mushroom there.

Ever seen this before??!! They are white and and furry just like Dempsey.

Now that I have been in the Sun all weekend, I’m ready for an air conditioned night and to join these 3 for a nap!