We Heart Toys

When my two fur babies first came into our home we went through a lot of toys. They may look innocent, but watch out! They can rip apart a toy to shreds. There are many naked tennis balls around our apartment. For some reason it took us a while to cometo the realization that anything plush or flimsy will just not do! Which stinks because I would love to buy them all these cute little plush toys… O well, I guess that’s what happens with adopting crazy dogs. The dog trainer that we use told us that we can train the dogs to ‘play’ with the toys instead of tearing them apart. He explained briefly but that is just way out of my dog training league. I’ll stick to buying dog toys that last.

My favorite brand of toys is West Paw Design. For some amazing reason these toys last. They are not the cheapest, about $10 – 15/toy but are totally worth it.


I have tried numerous of other dogs toys, mostly with no success. Even a lot of kong toys I was not impressed with.






Check out this toy I bought at target for only $5.

It looked just as durable as my similar West Paw Design one above so I figured I would give it a try. Bad idea. Look at this thing, they did this within minutes, and I was also graced by wonderful presence of orange rubber pieces in their poop. Lord knows if this toy was made with toxic material.

After Riesling was in the hospital for eating her bed while we were not home, I knew I had to give her something when we were gone that would keep her occupied. In the dog shelters they give all the dogs kongs filled with peanutbutter that are frozen overnight. I thought this was a great idea, but I really thought they would tear it apart. I researched their website a bit and I found that many people complained about their kong stuffers not being durable enough, so they came out with a kong extreme. It is also recommended to get a larger size them you normally would. I went to a local Petco because I know they will pretty much return anything. I asked the sales associate a million times ‘if my two dogs destroy these can I bring them back for a refund’ and he said yes. I wanted to make sure because each toy is $15 dollars each aka a pair of clearance shoes!  I purchased 2 kong extremes size large.

Sure enough these bad boys have lasted for several weeks. I have only stuffed them with peanut butter, but you can stuff them with other foods such as apple sauce and wet dog food. I am thinking of switching or alternating with wet dog food because Riesling gained 1 pound within the first 2 weeks of giving it to her! They love their peanut butter kongs, I wonder why?! This has saved my life sanity.


I hope this information was helpful to other owners of crazy dogs. Please let me know if you have had any success with any particular brands of dog treats. Would love some recommendations!