Ready for the day

Unlike yesterday, Riesling is up and ready for the day.

She’s already finished her yoga session, makes me feel like a slacker. The only thing that I did so far is drink some coffee!

Today was another good pancake recipe! The recipe I used was from another source, but I created my own scrambled egg recipe (I know call me Iron Chef!) and my own pancake topping recipe.

Today I made carrot pancakes. I used followed this carrot pancake recipe exactly minus the walnuts and minus the cream cheese topping.

My own topping was a sweet yogurt spread. Delicious!

I used about 2 T of plain yogurt.

1 T maple syrup

1 T honey

And mixed it all together

I made this because I did not have any cream cheese to make the cream cheese pancake topping. The yogurt topping is great because it is sweet and protein filled!

Then on the side I scrambled  up some eggs with arugula. More like a arugula with a side of eggs :-)

I heart arugula & eggs.

I made a really big breakfast on purpose. I wanted to have some extra pancakes leftover for lunch because I have a lot of chores and work to do today.

Enjoy your day!