Fork please

In case you were wondering why I have not had many new recipes posted it is because this past week was princess week AKA Matt has off for spring break and he cooked for me every day :-)

So during princess week I get to eat delicious meals, go to yoga, walk the dogs, read and not cook. As much as I love to cook, it is enjoyable to have a hot meal waiting for me (like a princess) when I get home from work.

But today back to being a “normal person” and cooking our dinners. Which is fine, because I love cooking up something healthy and delicious. On the menu tonight is a big messy sandwich that you need to eat with a fork.

I started out with a toasted baguttete.

Then I topped it with a ricotta and cilantro mixture and sliced avocado


Then some sauteed red and yellow onions

Then some roasted peppers

This was delicious, but also messy. Hence the necessity of a fork.

I also got my clearance peanut butter Easter eggs today.

Why do these taste so much better than regular peanut butter cups???

These were the minis, so I cut them in half and made cookies!!! They did not come out as delicious as I was hoping (a big doughy) so I am not going to post the recipe. I still have half a bag left so I am going to re-make the cookies and hopefully they will be 200% blog worthy. They were still good though so here are some pics.

Get your 8 hours of  sleep tonight!