The biggest leek

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. In DC it is beautiful out! The pups and I went for a run today, Dempsey does not like the heat and he quit on me after 55 minutes! I think he could have lasted another 5 minutes, but he is not used to the heat. Let’s just say he has been sleeping for 4 hours!

So tonight on the menu was calzones. I went food shopping at Safeway, and they did not have any pizza dough so I made my own. This time with success! I used this recipe. Instead of wheat germ I used flax seeds


Like the recipe said I let the dough sit until it was doubled in size. This recipe did not specify a time, so I looked at other ones and they recommended at least 1 hour.

While the dough was rising, I made my ricotta mix and veggie mix. For the ricotta I added chopped parsley and oregano. For the veggie mix I sauteed leeks and mushrooms. Can we talk about this leek?!

Dempsey woke up for food!

Look how big it is! I only used half of it.

Mushrooms were normal size. Crimini mushrooms from my CSA

I divded the dough into 4 small pieces and rolled them out individually. First I added the ricotta mixture

Then the sauteed veggies

Folded it up

Baked it at 500 degrees for 20 minutes on my pizza stone

What I learned.

  • This was not the best way to cook a calzone
  • I should have brushed the calzone with eggs and or olive oil
  • The filling would not have oozed out if I would have rolled out two¬†separate¬†pieces of dough and then mashed the edges with a fork
  • I probably should have baked it a bit longer because it was not that crispy on the inside

O well, it was still a delicious and nutritious meal!

Don’t forget to hit up the stores tomorrow for clearance Easter Candy


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