Far away Veggie

Look at this funky vegetable!

An even weirder one

It is a sunchoke, aka Jerusalem Artichoke. I got these from our CSA. Jerusalem is too far to be local! But they are not from Jerusalem or even artichokes, how weird! It’s origin is America and it is part of the sunflower family. Sunchokes are a root vegetable and are most comparable to potatoes. They are starchy, but the starch is a polysaccharide called  Inulin. Inulin is a non-digestible carbohydrate aka soluble fiber. Inulin has become a popular supplment marketed for it’s pre-biotic (good intestinal health) effects. Personally, I like eating foods rather than taking supplements, go sunchokes! It is also a good source of iron, potassium and Vitamin C

For potassium the Daily Value (DV) is 28% and 643 mg.

For breakfast today, cooked them up like a potato.  Heated as skillet with oil, and added them sliced up and cooked for 5 minutes until they were golden brown, just like home fries!

With the home fries I made 2 sunny side eggs, mushrooms and avocado for myself, and an omlet with mushrooms topped with avocados for Matt.

Whose going to have a fun Saturday?

I am!


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