Happy RD Day!

Hi everyone!

I am just writing a quick post to celebrate National Nutrition Month…

as well as RD Day!!!!

Shout out to all my fella RDs!!

So what should we all do this this wonderful day??? Eat an extra serving of fruits and veggies! It will make your internal organs happy!

What am I doing today?? Ironically I am going to a District of Columbia Metro American Dietetic Association (DCMADA) wine and cheese event! At least I know I’ll be getting my resveratrol. I’m sure there will some veggie platters to snack from :-) I also really hope they have some stinky cheese.

If you are thinking of trying to make small changes in your health, today would be a great day!

Noticed that I said small???

Small and realistic goals are always the way to go. I know many times people will get a sudden wonderful desire to change their diet and lifestyle and will do a complete 360. They will go from never exercising and eating poorly to going to the gym every day and eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies. However much of a wonderful change this is, 99% of this change will not last. This is not about will power, this is about doing too much too quickly. Everything is a stepping stone, especially your health.

So if you really want to do a 360 with your health, good for you! Just do it one small step at a time. For example, if you drink 5 cans of coke/day try drinking 4 cans of coke/day. If you want to start eating whole wheat pasta/bread, try a dish that features half whole wheat pasta and half white pasta. If you only eat 1 serving of your veggies/day, try eating 2 servings of veggies/day. I think you got the idea!

Don’t get frustrated!  Whenever you feel bad about not doing enough to change your health, realize that something is always better than nothing. Also realize that actually doing something is a huge huge step! Many people say they want to do something, but how many people actually do something. Actions speak louder than words!

Also do not get frustrated if you do not see changes right away (I’m referring to weight loss). A good amount of weight to lose is 1 -2 pounds/month. One pound is 3500 kcals and this is equivalent to 500 kcals/day. So that can be burning 500 kcal/day or eating 500 kcal/day less than usual. Just a little tid bit of information!

Make it a healthy day!