A Bit Fishy

Who here likes Sardines??? Hopefully after reading this post you will try them and love them just as much as I do!

What attracted me to try them? Nutrition of course! They are loaded with Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorous B12, iron, magnesium, Omega 3′s…. the list goes on and on. Since these little fish live on the bottom of the ocean they eat mostly plankton which means they are low in mercury. They also have bones, but they are soft and can’t even taste them.


Look at all these nutrients, health in a can! I am quite sad that it took me 25 years to meet these little fishies, but as they say better late then never!

They are super easy to make, no cooking required just open up the can.

They do look a little fishy, but once mashed they look no different than canned tuna and can be prepared the same way. I purchased the Bela Sardines in Lemon Olive oil at Whole Foods. This brand of sardines had so much flavor alone that it is not necessary to add anything to them.


Tonight I decided to make a sardine pasta with arugula and leeks.

I prepared my sardines mixed with dijon mustard, lemonaise, chives, lemon juice, dash of salt and a tablespoon of soy milk. I actually made this as a salad dressing yesterday and just mixed in the sardines with the left over dressing from last nights dinner.

Now doesn’t this look just like tuna salad?

Meanwhile I heated up some pasta, I used my CSA sprouted wheat pasta. While the pasta was cooking I sauteed leeks, chives and arugula for 5 minutes in a skillet (I am planning on making a leek pizza tomorrow so the nutrition content of leeks to come)!

Once the arugula was wilted I added the pasta and sardine mixture and mixed into the skillet.

Twenty minutes later I had a nutritionally dense meal, and delicious of course :-)

Are you convinced yet? At least nutritionally convinced? Don’t be nervous, I promise they taste delicious when prepared just like tuna salad. I’m hoping in the near future to make sardines in a different way. Let me know if you have any Sardine recipes.

Have a fishy good night!