New Kitchen Toy Take 2

Last time I used my new pizza stone I did not use it correctly. So this time I read I actually read the instructions before I used it, smart right! Instructions said to heat the pizza stone in the oven at 500 from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on how crispy you wanted the crust. I chose 20 minutes.

In the mean time I dusted my working surface with flour and rolled out my favorite frozen pizza dough.

I wanted to make my own dough, but I figured let’s master the pizza stone before starting a new recipe.

The next step as per the instructions was to cover a sheet pan, pizza paddle or large piece of cardboard with cornmeal and place the rolled out dough on top. I actually cut the pizza box the stone came in and used that to place the rolled out dough on.

Then I assembled my pizza. I made Broccoli Rabe Pizza. I have not had broccoli rabe in forever, so I was very excited.  After searching for some of the better ways to cook broccoli rabe, I decided to sautee it.

I heated my 5$ wok from Ikea with olive oil and added some chopped garlilc. Then I added a large bunch of broccoli rabe (stems removed) and a 1/2 cup of chopped onion.

While the broccoli rabe was cooking I covered the pizza dough with tomato sauce and mozzerella cheese. Once the brocooli rabe was tender (about 5 minutes) I added it on top of the pizza.

Right before I was to place the assembled pizza on the stone, I sprinkled the stone with cornmeal. Now the hard part. I had to slide the pizza from my large piece of cardboard onto the stone. This may not seem difficult, but the pizza gets heavy after all the toppings are added and I did not think I would be able to get the pizza successfully on the stone.  I pulled the pizza very slowly and got it on the stone without any tear. So proud, I actually felt a little bit Italian!

I cooked the pizza for 30 minutes until cripsy, and it definitely did come out crispy. Wow what a difference the  pizza stone makes when used correctly. The cornmeal definitely helped the pizza from sticking. Will be using this frequently.

As usual I served the pizza with some edamame for some added protein.

Have a good night! Can’t wait to try new pizza recipes with my stone!

3 thoughts on “New Kitchen Toy Take 2

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  3. Looks and sounds great, made me hungry. Although it does not take much to make me hungry this sounds great and healthy too! Thanks for the tip look forward to more.

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